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Eco Friendly,
Socially Responsible.

There are probably even more good sounding terms out there – all these words can mean a whole lot or not much at all.

Many of the terms above, depending on the country you are in, don’t actually have legal definitions or requirements for use, so everyone can use them without any proof. Usually local organizations certify organic farming, natural farming or whatsoever fancy term is used. The meaning and standards followed can be very different from organization to organization and are not to be generalized.

In Kenya we mainly have some kind of organic certification. As often when trying to get concrete information about something – it gets rather confusing.
There are international bodies that work with local bureaus to certify farms producing for the international markets. We have local certificates like encert – their website looks rather abandoned, there is no way a consumer can really see which standards are set. Now it comes to the question how and who is following up if a farmer is really following the standards. It becomes a matter of believing as well.

Many small farmers dont see the use of paying for this certificate but still practise organic/natural farming standards and methods. They and we grow organically but without certification. Our goal is to provide our customers with fresh products that are organically produced – farm to table in less than 24 hours.

We know the farmers we work with personaly, we visit their farms, we see their growing methods, we talk to them. This way we ensure they match our standards. We do not sell any product that we would not eat ourselves.
Some of our products are not 100% organic/natural, especially greenhouse products. We will declare in transparent ways which methods or procedures are used for the products – if you cant find a description online, feel free to reach out and ask us directly.

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