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Victor – Coming from a farming background I always had my hands dirty in one way or another as a child and had a passsion for and was often engaged with nature. Conservation and organic farming became a pursuit of mine rather later in life but I never looked back. I believe in natural farming as the only way to save and sustain our planet and want to be involved in spreading that gospel as far as I can. I love cooking with our homegrown fresh ingredients.
As a jack of all trades organic food is just one of my many driving passions, I also love animals, cooking and green alternatives to everyday products from shampoo or toothpaste to construction materials.

We are Iris and Victor and we are behind simply.delicious.

Our story is one driven by the love of nature in general and the passion for healthy, natural and yummy food.We live in the countryside of Limuru – in Tigoni surrounded by beautiful teafarms.

Our farm lifestyle enables us to live with a lot of contact to nature. Our “farmanimals” bring loads of fun and sometimes destruction and work. Our small shamba (about ¼ acre – hopefully to be extended in future) enables us grow varieties of vegetables that might not be easily available in good qualitiy in Kenya.

We sell our own produce and prodcuts from partners we know face to face. Our goal is to sell primarily sustainably-produced food items – fresh from the farms to your table. (see more)

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Iris – I believe in organic farming as the only way to save our mother earth. I am passionate about spreading the idea of natural food into people. I would like to educate consumers to make informed decisions when they buy food and encourage them to use fresh ingredients from their neighbourhood in home cooked meals. My passion for farming, animals, natural food and craftsmanship was woken early. At least two generations in my family were farmers with remarkable connection to soil and nature.

From my early childhood I was seen in the shamba and with all kinds of animals. After my first professional carrier in Design, Concept Development and Project Management I finally could not surpress the true desire of my soul – I quit my job to take several trainings in organic farming and vegetable gardening back in Germany. My passion for farming made me move out of Nairobi to the countryside of beautiful Tigoni where my dream of growing and selling natural food comes to life.


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