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You are new to this page and would like to know how you can order, if and where we deliver to and more? Please find some information below. You can always get in touch if you have any more questions.

How do I order from you?


Online via this website. 🙂

Our online shop

You can browse through our shop, you will find the link “Shop”, on click it opens all shop categories and you can also click on a shop overview showing all products. There is also a quick order list with all products in a list. Please add all products that you would like order to your cart.

Once all items are in your card, take a quick look by clicking on the the black card icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. A small cart overview opens from the right. Click on “View Cart”

cart items

The Cart

The upper area shows a list of all items in the card. You can delete items and also change the quantitiy.


Shopping Bags

We do charge a deposit of 50 KES for a bag in a delivery order. If you have a bag from us that you can return, just click on the “Return a bag” coupon. If you pick your order and you have your own bag, just click on “I use my own bag”. The system will remove the 50 KES deposit.


Delivery or Pick up

The standard location for delivery or pick ups is Nairobi. You can change this by clicking the red “Change Address” link. Choose between Nairobi or Kiambu County. You will then see the options for a pick up or delivery in this county. If your area is not mentioned – please contact us.

Click on “Proceed to checkout” and fill in your details. We will confirm your order on Mondays. Please note we do deliveries/pick ups once a week. All orders are freshly harvested – farm to table on Mondays. Deliveries in Tigoni areas happen on Monday afternoons. Other areas on Tuesday morning.

After your order is confirmed you can pay via M-Pesa before delivery. When you pick up cash payment is as well possible.

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